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A Journey From Facebook Games

Monday, 16 May 2016, 7:55 | Anak Islam | 0 Comment | 1206 Views
by Indah Fatmawati

i am watching you

“Your brother is watching you!”, This is what I realized.

I am Indah and when I was 9 years old, I was in primary grade 4. It was the end of semester two and I must prepare for my examination. But, who cares? No one! I prefer to choose to turn on my computer and play games on Facebook. The computer is located in the middle of the living room. But no one cares about what I do in front of the monitor, except him, my brother. -__-“

There is one reason why I can’t play games games online! Because he always forbids me to play games with his tricks. Such as; changing the password of computer, turning off the wifi, hiding the stabilizer, until posting a message to my timeline on Facebook: “Indah, don’t play games too much!”

Don’t you think it was annoying? Yes, he did that to me! I was struggling with his tricks. Time passed by, until I was in grade 6. I still became the victim of his tricks. Eventhough, I knew he did it because he doesn’t want t have an idiot sister who loves play games! Somehow, he 1`also loves to play PS. But maybe it was his revenge because I had broke his PS for three time and he bought PS for three times too.

Before I graduated from primary, my brother asked me to have a blog. AT that time the word “blog” was foreign to me. As far as I know about internet are Facebook, games online, Google, and Kaskus only. But finally I got his point, blog is application to put your story and share it until it appears in Google index.

So I became diligent to tell my stories in the blog rather than playing games on Facebook. Since then, my brother smiled in front of me that I never ever wanted to see. Because inside his smiling face keep a thousand meanings such as; trying to make me mad!

But now, he is different. He said, “wow! You did a great job!”. Somehow, I never realized that I can produce many articles about the stories of my life. Until I had a target to post one thing, minimum in a week.

Later then, my brother told me on how to build a friendship in a blog community, until I get many relations and share ideas about blog. It was a nice job and that I started to get busy with it. Then, how about my games? At least since I left and didn’t care about my games. I have bet my friend until level 30 without cheating! So it made me proud to get an ending in world games!

Almost the whole big family read my blog. At that time, my 3 cousins got interested and asked me to help them to make it. My blog became more developed every day. It was because I like to share my story through writing than talking. But I got mad when someone reads my blog with a loud voice, besides me. It’s terrible, because I become shy to see people’s faces while reading my blog.

Time passed by, my brother became nicer since I had a blog. When I was In year 8 junior high school, my brother asked me to change my domain blog become more professional which is dot-com. I was in panic at that time. “Why?” it was a question that came up in my mind. I am not a confident person who can spread my writing. It is too professional for me.

However, my brother always taught me and gave me motivation; “Everyone uses Google. But sadly, Google is in crisis. When you search about islam, it would be shown bad thing about islam. Do you think this is something normal or do we have to do something?”

I just answered, “No, it is not okay”. My brother gave his smile to me and said, “So your mission is to clean up the bad things in Google or other SEO tools with a website not a blog”

Since that time, He inspired me : That I being alive, born to the earth, and my mom gave birth to me with her struggle, not to be a games or even an idiot, but to become someone useful for the family, nation, and religion.

Special thanks to: My brother


Sebenarnya Indah capek kalau harus menulis versi indo nya. Walaupun, Indah tau bakal lebih seru kalau pakai bahasa Indonesia. Lagipula, ini dibuat dikarenakan Indah punya tugas membuat auto-biography. Nah Indah pakai aja cerita ini. Dan setelah dikoreksi, Mus. mus nulis ini:

*Wonderful story, should post in on your web to share the inspiration..

 Ya udah, Indah tulis aja deh ini.. Hehe, semoga ada manfaatnya. Buat kamu, yang statusnya adalah kakak-kakak yang puny adik. Iya, Indah sarankan untuk baik-baik sama adiknya. Ahahaha.. Yah, semua hal itu memang punya banyak cerita. Tapi intinya, saya bersyukur bisa mempunyai kakak kayak begitu, walau sebenarnya nyebelin. Hohoho

Salam manis,
Indah F

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